Monday, June 1, 2009

Please, Just Shut Up

Over at his CrunchyCon blog Rod Drehr says: "It cannot be true, however much some pro-choicers want it to be, that pro-lifers are obliged to shut up and go away because one violent kook killed an abortion doctor."

Mr Drehr, first of all, the was not the work of "one violent kook."  Dr. Tiller's murder was the culmination of almost two decade worth of violence and intimidation directed towards Dr. Tiller and his medical practice.  The violence directed towards Dr. Miller is not an isolated incident.  Among the other acts of domestic terrorism committed by anti-choice zealots are the murders of two doctors and a clinic escort in Pensacola, Florida, the murders of two clinic workers in Brookline, Massachusetts, and the bombings perpetrated by Eric Robert Rudolph.

Mr Drehr, you and your anti-choice allies, need to be quiet for a while because you have not figured out a way to passionately advocate for your position without providing inspiration and cover to domestic terrorists.  Until you can figure how to advocate with inspiring domestic terrorists then you need to be quiet.  

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