Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blogging Grand Rapids, Day 1

Liturgygeek and I are in Grand Rapids Michigan.  She  is attending the 27th UCC General Synod and I am in Grand Rapids.  I have one rule about attending religious conventions and that is too attend as little of the convention as possible.  

You can follow liturgygeek's synod activities at her blog or at the blog of the Iowa delegation.  If you want to know what the husband of a Synod delegate does then stay tuned as I adventure around Grand 

Unless some current event catches my attention then I am going to take a little break from following world affairs.

Today I went to the airport to rent a char, checked out a bookstore, ate lunch at Moe's(Welcome to Moe's!), worked out in the hotel fitness room, read, napped and watched Brazil vs. South Africa in Soccer.  Tonight I will probably eat supper with liturgygeek and friends.  Tomorrow I plan on visiting the Gerald Ford Museum and perhaps later I will Take the Skinheads Bowling.

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