Sunday, June 28, 2009

Blogging Grand Rapids, The Return

Today, I accomplished a lot.  I helped a couple cement their relationship and led them to make plans to marry.  Since these plans are not fully public, I will refer to the the people in this couple as man and woman.  Man is a good friend to liturgygeek and someone that I know as a casual acquaintance.  Woman is somebody I just met this week.  We had a good conversation on Friday night and we discussed how to conduct a long range relationship.  Last night she was part of the group that went out to supper at Bistro Bella Vita.  When we got back to our hotel last night, liturgygeek and I both said that we thought highly of woman.  I said if man does not marry woman, and marry her soon, then I would have to beat up man.  Liturgygeek relayed the message to man, and this afternoon they confirmed their wedding plans.  All thanks to me and my willingness to use force to bring forth an epic romance.

Some of you must be asking, "Backbencher does this trip have a soundtrack?"  The answer is a resounding yes.  The soundtrack is the Dave Matthews Band new Album Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King.  This is a great and funky album.  This a perfect album to crank up in the car stereo and drive through Western Michigan.  The song Why I Am(track 5) is just a great party song; which is kind of neat considering the song is a tribute to Leroi Moore the band's saxophonist who died last year.  The whole song, and really the whole album, just captures the hope that many of us have that the resurrection and life to come will be a party with music, dancing, and plenty of good drink.  

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  1. That was a great moment at Synod. I think you and "man" should start a road show, you work so well together.