Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Rot of Empire

With further confirmation that Democratic leaders had an idea of the torture techniques the Bush administration there is some debate about how to go forward with any investigation.  I am an active and pretty partisan Democrat and I say let the investigation continue to go forward.  If there are worries about political interference then there should be a special prosecutor. 

Of greater concern to me is how this represents how imperialism has rotted the institutions of our democracy.  The CIA undertakes covert operations and runs "black sites" at the behest of the executive branch.  The President also uses the CIA and the intelligence community to try to secretly maintain a global hegemony.  The legislative branch, sometimes willingly and sometimes not, becomes complicit in the empire project.   The judicial branch hides behind the state secret doctrine and refuses to intervene.

The only way to stop this rot of empire from destroying our democracy is to take some drastic actions.  I am for eliminating the CIA or at lest it's covert operations section.  Any group that helped lead to Pinochet's rise is a government agency we can do without.  I would also cut way back on other intelligence agencies like the NSA.  All FISA court decisions and warrants should be made public as soon  the particular investigation is finished.  Intelligence Committee records should be declassified on a regular basis; this would include more detailed budget information.  Lastly,  Congressional action should reverse or limit the use of the state secrets doctrine.

These are the radical actions that we should undertake to stop the rot of imperialism.

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