Sunday, May 24, 2009

Relegation Time

For most of Europe, today marks the end of the club soccer season, and with the end of the season comes relegation.  Teams that finish at the bottom of the table(standings) are relegated to the next league down, and the top teams from the lower league are promoted to the higher league. 

Today, Newcastle United lost and was relegated from the English Premiership down to the Championship.  Newcastle United is one of the historic teams in English soccer, and their black and white vertical stripped jerseys are among the most iconic.  To gain an idea of what relegation means, think about the Detroit Lions going 0-16 last year and then being demoted to play in the Big 10.

I think the idea of relegation would be fun to see in American sports.  It would definitely add interest and drama to seasons of last place teams.  This should be in the MLS and why it isn't I don't know.  I also think it would work in baseball.  It would interesting to see the Major League team with the worst record demoted to AAA and the AAA champion brought up to the Majors as a reward.  


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