Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Traffic Accident Blogging

On Monday night I was the hittie in a hit-and-run collision.  At about 8:00 p.m. I was traveling home after work.  I went down the hill on Summit and prepared to turn on left onto 8th St.  I slowed down and turned on my blinker.  I noticed headlights in my rearview mirror and I had a split second realization that I was about to be hit.  There was a hard collision and my car rolled to a stop against a raised median.  As I got out of the car I noticed a pick-up truck pulled onto the side of 8th St.  All of a sudden the truck took off.  

Aside from a little soreness in my neck and forearms, I felt fine but I was shook up.  My car was a different story.  The back bumper was almost completely torn off, the trunk was crunched up into the backseat, and the rear windshield was shattered into a million pieces.  When I called the police my voice trembled and I had trouble communicating the location of the accident.  The people in the house at the intersection came running out.  They said that they saw the truck and had a description.  Brian and Shauna Roberts are their name and the provided me with an umbrella, a glass of water and some needed companionship.  A van pulled up and a woman named Lea Craig said that she had the license plate number of the truck that hit me.  We called the police again to give them that information.

The police were delayed because they had two fights going on at the same time as my accident.  I stayed over at the Roberts to wait for the police.  When the police arrived Brian and I gave statements and the officer went to go look at the car.  A few minutes later the officer came back and asked Brian for precise description of the truck.  The officer said he had an idea of the culprit was and left to track him/her down.  Meanwhile Shauna left to get liturgygeek from the bowling alley and bring her to where I was.  When liturgygeek arrived we moved the car out of the median and put a tarp over the back window to keep out the rain.

On the advice of the police officer, liturgygeek drove me to the ER as a precaution.  After a battery of tests, they gave me a shot of valium and a muscle relaxer to help me sleep that night.  Liturgygeek drove me home and I had a good night's sleep.

I would like to thank the Roberts family and Lea Craig for helping me during the accident and getting a description and license information to help the police track down the person who hit me.   I was also impressed by Officer Houston from the Red Oak Police Department who acted immediately to track down the truck that hit me.  The ER staff at the Montgomery County Hospital was efficient and compassionate.  Last but not least I am grateful to liturgygeek for being a good wife and taking good care of me.

I didn't particularly like being in a hit-and-run collision but thanks to some good people in Red Oak the experience was was a lot less terrifying and a lot easier to handle than it could have been.

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