Sunday, March 29, 2009

Movies With Jacqui

One of the ongoing sagas in British politics is a scandal involving MPs abusing their expense accounts to overcharge for items that are supposed to be related to their job.  The scandal reminds me of the early 90s House Bank and Congressional Post Office Scandals.   Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, is in some trouble because she claimed in her household costs expense report the price of two adult movies that her husband rented.  Ms. Smith's husband quickly apologized and said he mistakenly put in the claim when he was putting in some legitimate claims.

Things are not going well for the Home Secretary.  She was the public face during the government's attempt to increase the amount of days the police can hold a terror suspect without charges.  She also approved the police raid on Conservative MP Damian Green's Westminster office.  The Home Secretary might also be subject to investigation over whether UK government officials are complicit in the torture of Binyam Mohamed.

Not only will Jacqui Smith lose her job of Home Secretary if the Conservatives form the next government but some polls place her in danger of losing her seat in Parliament.  I don't think these revelations will help.

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