Sunday, March 15, 2009

Obama's Preachers

The New York Times has an article  about the 5 men who serve as President Obama's spiritual advisors.  The 5 men are either centrist or evangelical with a concern for social justice issues.  One of the men is Otis Moss whose son is now the pastor of Trinity UCC where Obama was a member.  There does not appear to be anyone with a strong connection to the religious right.

However, there are no women and no strongly progressive Christians.  I am afraid that these omissions will reinforce Obama's centrist and conformists tendencies.  I can see Obama making  a strong stand on poverty issues but I can also see a cautious stance on cultural issues like abortion and especially GLBT equality.  I am also sad that this will continue to reinforce the popular image that there are no progressive Christians and evangelicals with a social justice bent are the true "religious left."

The absence of progressive Christians does give those of us religious left the chance to use our outsider status to continue to speak truth to and pressure those in power.  Without being in the center of power I hope progressive Christians will use their voice to continue to critique the dominant culture even if someone we consider one of us is leading it.  

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  1. I found this list pretty disturbing too. Well, okay, maybe disturbing is over-stating it, but he oughta have a woman on that list. And he oughta have John Thomas on that list. I wonder if this has anything to do with mainliners historically thin reputation when it comes to personal prayer? Prayer over the phone is not the kind of thing we're known for.