Sunday, April 19, 2009

Backbencher of the Week

Over at Balloon-Juice I came across this post about Rep. Eric Massa(D-NY-29).  The short version is Time-Warner was going to start consumption billing in the Rochester, New York area.  DougJ, a blogger at Balloon Juice, asked his local congressmen to help.  Rep. Massa responded at a town hall that he was willing to put the "full force of his incumbency and all the risk associated with that behind stopping this very, very ill-thought decision by Time Warner."  Watch Congressman Massa's statement at the link.  The end result was that Time Warner decided to scrap the plan 

It is important to recognize anytime a congressman sides with his constituents over one of the business lobbies whose money fuels the political system.  We thank Balloon-Juice for the post, and thank you to Rep. Eric Massa for standing up for his constituents when the money play was to side with Time Warner.  Congratulation Rep. Massa for being Backbencher of the Week

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