Sunday, April 5, 2009

Backbencher of the Week

A lot of the work that we recognize for Backbencher of the Week is legislative in nature that mostly includes passing bills, taking a stand on important issues, or doing important but unheralded work on issues that do not receive a great deal of publicity.  However, there is a theatrical aspect to the job of being in Congress and today the Backbencher of the Week is awarded to a Congresswoman who takes the theatrical aspect of her job seriously.

Today we recognize Rep. Corrine Brown(D-FL-3) for the speech she gave recognizing the Florida Gators for the BCS Championship.  From her robe to her creative use of the English language, Rep.  Brown captures the theatrics of politics.  This week Congress dealt with the serious issue of the budget, and it is good to know that even during serious times some in Congress are able not take themselves so seriously.

Thank you Rep. Brown and Congratulations for being Backbencher of the Week.

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