Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is This Thing On?

Unfortunately for the Prime Minister the mic was on.

It is tough to analyze Gordon Brown's gaffe except to say it was a huge one and that it makes it very hard for Labour to gain any traction in the polls.

Andrew Rawnsley, who has written two accounts of Labour's 13 years in government, puts the episode in context of Gordon Brown's general manner of conducting himself while Prime Minister.

All I know is that Liturgygeek will be terribly upset.

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  1. Backbencher is right, of course. I'm crushed - there's no chance Labour will win now, and my man Gordon is almost certainly out.

    Why, why, why do I love politicians who do this? I don't love them when they do it, of course, but it seems like all the ones I love do stupid things like this. Gordon, you are killing me softly with your song - sung rudely and out-of-key on a microphone you should have turned off.

    I have great personal compassion for David Cameron and he has been a capable and stalwart leader in the midst of the most wretched personal circumstances that I could ever imagine (may he and his family be forever consoled by the Holy Spirit). He also gets many extra points for noting his family's tragedy in the political discourse without trying to sell his reputation on the sorrowful facts. I like that - he relates how his experiences reflect his understanding of the law but he also doesn't globalize them and assume everyone else has the same experiences. He's also very intelligent, I'll give him that.

    ......The more I write and think about Cameron, the more I like him despite my best efforts. Quick, I need an intervention! "LiturgyGeek, he's such a jerk on PMQ, remember that! Remember how jerky he was when you were in London and the global economy was collapsing!" Whew, dodged that bullet. I just can't wish him political success. Maybe he could become a famous author or professor.

    At least Clegg is reasonably cute - and he may be smart, but mercy, he seems terribly naive. I must be getting old.