Thursday, July 23, 2009

We Have the Capability

Glen Greenwald writes about a report that concludes that U.S. Federal Courts are completely capable venues for the trying and convicting of terrorism suspects.  Sadly, I have come to the conclusion that many of those who take oaths to defend the constitution believe that you can't follow the constitution and defend it at the same time.

Greenwald briefly touches on the argument that some terrorists are too dangerous to release but our conduct prevents them from getting a fair trail.  My own is that I don't know why we are quick to excuse sloppy work.  The are serious consequences when our government does a alck a*s job.  However we the people bare the ultimate responsibility.  If our government's refusal to follow the constitution puts us in more danger then we need to demand they follow the constitution and uses the tools that the constitution provides.  Today's report demonstrates that it is possible to follow the constitution and still go after terrorism.   

If we can't trust our government to put forth its best efforts on the most serious issues of the day(such as terrorism) then we have to live with the consequences.  The answer is not to excuse sloppy work but to demand that our government's actions match its words when it comes to torture and the constitution.

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