Saturday, January 17, 2009

Steve King, Republican

My congressman, Rep Steve King(R-IA), finds it "bizarre" that President-elect Obama will use his middle name at the inauguration.  Rep. King says that Obama's stated reason is not the real reason and basically insinuates that Obama is an other who should be feared.

My friend Mardis has a post wondering why a grown up Republican does not challenge King.  I gave a brief response at The Pocket Mardis but I want to speak about it a little further.

The reason no Republican will challenge King is because they all agree with him.  The Republican base is fueled by a toxic brew of of hatred, resentments, and fears.  There is a darkness in the soul of the modern GOP's base, and King speaks to and for the darkness.  In short, Republicans keep electing Steve King because he is one of them.   

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