Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Iowa Politics is Boring by Comparison

Here is the video from Gov. Rod Blagojevich(D-IL) press conference intrducing Roland Burris as the Senator Appointee from Illinois.  Rep. Bobby Rush(D-IL) steals the show.

It's all really sad.  Mr Burris would probably be a good person to serve out the remaining two years of Obama's term but he won't be able to escape the association of some tye of corrupt bargain.  Rep. Rush, who did defeat Obama in a congressional primary, sadly interjects the word "lynch" into this.  Gov. Blagojevich continues to prove that he is nothing but a con man, which is sad in its own way.  It is also sad and disheartening to see the Senate Democratic Caucus get tied up in knots over this and for all practical purposes get played by a shyster like Blagojevich

TAPPED has a good summation of the day's events

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